This won’t be easy. We need you to get to the polls and vote.

Brief info messages from Melissa


  • 11-year resident of Idaho.
  • Retired healthcare executive.
  • Mother of one daughter.
  • Grandmother to two.

Key Concerns

1. We must address the over-taxation of Idaho residents.

Over-taxation is, at its core, a result of an expanding government which spends too much. From sales tax to soaring property taxes to income tax, gasoline tax and the tax on groceries, we are one of the highest taxed populations in the country. Our current leaders have expanded the annual budget in ways which creates an increasing dependency on the government for food, housing, and healthcare.

2. We need greater transparency and input in the selection of materials presented and available to our school children.

The refusal of our current leadership to take a stand against inappropriate materials in our public schools and public libraries is a violation of the public trust and an insult to the family values long held by Idahoans.

3. We need to ensure that bills which serve to support the tenets of the US Constitution are heard by both the House and Senate and are voted upon. This brings greater transparency and accountability to our legislative process.

Freedom of speech is under assault nationally, freedom of choice in healthcare decisions has been under assault in Idaho for the last two years, and attempts to make “ordinances” pre empting the right of a citizen to own firearms are creeping into Idaho. Many conservative legislators have attempted to curtail these attacks, only to have proposed bills stopped by committee chairs. Proposed bills should be discussed in committee, improvements suggested, and sponsors supported.

“May it never be said of me that I was silent in the face of fear and, in so doing, passed on the battle to my children.”

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