The Boise Pride Festival 2022

Idaho is considered a “conservative” state. In the Boise area, there are many persons who choose to live within the lifestyle of the LBGT culture. It does not matter whether or not I agree with that lifestyle. I do have a family member in the Treasure Valley who has been married to his partner for over 25 years. The choices adults make about their sexual preferences are theirs.

That said, the choice for the organizers to involve children in their annual festival was wrong. The LGBT culture emphasizes the sexual choices of its members, whether through overtly provacative dress or trans sexuals putting on shows in public which are typically confined to bars and other adult-only venues. As consenting adults, that is their choice. However, it is not an appropriate environment for children. Ever.

With a growing outcry about the content of the planned festival, thousands began to contact the sponsors, which, as we learned, included tax-payer funded government departments. The city of Meridian had issued a “proclamation” of support for Boise– an odd move, given it is the festival based in another city. And the Mayor then faced a lot of backlash there, too.

The sponsors of this 2022 festival were taken aback and unaware of the plans for drag shows for children, Drag Queens reading to children, etc. Many sponsors pulled their “formal” sponsorships and asked for logos to be removed. The Department of Health and Welfare was found to have been donating to many such activist events throughout the state; it correctly pulled its sponsorship of this festival and will re-visit any such sponsorships going forward. However, contracts for sponsorship were signed and money was spent. It will be interesting to see how this is handled in 2023. The mayor of Meridian eventually issued a slight “walk back” from the proclamation, but did not rescind it. That is unacceptable for a city which bills itself as a “family-oriented” city.

As a footnote, the city of Boise has not held any celebration or parade for the 4th of July– a day which represents the freedom for ALL U.S. citizens — in years. Why is that?

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